Girls Not Brides: A New Global Initiative to End Child Marriage

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Each year, ten million girls are robbed of their childhood and forced into early marriage. Girls Not Brides, a new initiative launched by The Elders, seeks to end this practice.

Child marriage permeates nearly every culture around the world and affects millions of girls under the age of 18. Often forced into marriage with older men and/or men not of their choosing, these young girls tragically forfeit any opportunity of an education, a childhood or a sense of security. Child brides are often subjected to violence, early pregnancy and poor quality of life.

Girls Not Brides is a global partnership comprised of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who - collectively and individually - commit to end the disturbing practice and to support at-risk girls. The partnership seeks to raise awareness and educate at the local, community, national and international levels and to mobilize for change.

The time to stand-up for girls is now. For more information on Girls Not Brides, please click here and also view the video below. Thanks to The Elders for leveraging their collective voice to impact an issue whose time has come.