Participate in the Bellagio Initiative Summit From Your Couch


For the past week, global philanthropic practitioners have gathered at the Bellagio Initiative Summit (BIS) where discourse has ranged from human rights and development to resource mobilization. The Bellagio Initiative, led by the Institute of Development Studies, The Resource Alliance and The Rockefeller Foundation, seeks to create a new philanthropic framework in the field of international development with the intent of increasing human well being. Though it seems like a pretty big bite to swallow, people from all over the world are participating in the BIS. You could be one of them.

The BIS has implemented a user friendly web interface that provides conference highlights, polls, human rights and philanthropy reading materials, resources and video footage of the conference. Perhaps most valuable is the live discussion panel that encourages YOU to read, listen and discuss the topic at hand.

So, take a break from preparing your holiday shindigs and tune in to the Summit to learn about the most recent advances in human rights and development philanthropy. The Summit ends on November 23rd.