Colombia: A Glimmer of Hope?

Women, War & Peace - The War We Are Living
Two weeks ago, I traveled to Bogota, Colombia with Human Rights Watch in my capacity as a board member. Our purpose was to address a fairly specific human rights agenda with the current government, primarily focused around land issues, victims rights and accountability. While there, we met with numerous, courageous civil society leaders and human rights defenders. The stories told of egregious human rights abuses that have occurred in Colombia over the last four decades were heartbreaking. With that said, we concluded our trip with a level of hope about this country's direction because of a publicly stated commitment by President Santos towards good governance and human rights. So far, his actions seem to support his words. Only time will tell if the Santos administration can live up to its promises and bring lasting peace, reconciliation and accountability to a country ravished by paramilitaries and rebel groups.

To learn more about Colombia in this context, PBS just aired an excellent one hour documentary which accurately captures the civilian toll brought about from years of violent conflict. The film concludes by suggesting a glimmer of hope in the Santos Regime. You can watch it in its entirety below.

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