Alarming Threats Against Human Rights Defenders

The Arab Spring uprisings brought sweeping change to a region greatly in need of freedom and a pro-democracy movement. Through the use of social media and other forms of technology, "cyber activists" and other frontline defenders found ways to mobilize and assemble in unprecedented ways. Yet, in the face of breathtaking demands for democracy in record numbers, a recent report issued at the United Nations this past week suggests that threats and attacks are continuing and intensifying against human rights defenders in the middle east and elsewhere around the world. It seems that internet access in repressive regimes presents a double-edged sword for cyber-activists. The human rights community, governments and corporations need to think through more effective ways to ensure the protection of human rights defenders and cyber activists.

To read the full report issued by the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders which provides in-depth analysis and global case-studies, please click here.