Article 3, Humanity United and The Philanthropy Workshop West collaborated on the Human Rights Immersion Journey, launched as a pilot program in 2014. The goal of this cutting edge program is to educate and deepen donor knowledge of complex human rights issues, advance the most effective philanthropic tools and strategies and expand the number of strategic human rights investors.

Article 3 interviewed select donors and veteran human rights experts and practitioners to gauge the interest and need for such program. We researched the broader human rights landscape and movement as it relates to donors, gaining insight and valuable impressions of the field and human rights philanthropy. Our efforts resulted in a programmatic framework that served as a building block for further program development and finally, implementation. The framework included recommendations on program features, structure, content and curriculum. Article 3 also provided strategic advising, including advice on the development of the sessions and modules, as well as advice on pilot implementation.


Read our Human Rights Immersion Journey summary report which captures the market interest and assesses the need for such program, the human rights landscape and the influence of philanthropy in the human rights field. This report also includes program findings. 

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In conducting our due diligence for this program, we curated a comprehensive literature review of the human rights movement which includes the development and evolution of human rights, key case studies and the current state of human rights. We highlighted four focus areas: modern day slavery and human trafficking, prison reform, natural resource rights and digital rights.

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